Artistic Residency in Iceland: Prologue

Hello! It has been some time since I have posted on here, but it has also been some time since something musical or artistic has really jumped for me lately. I’ve been living in the city with an incredibly generous and tolerant relative and working in the noble business of cooking food for wealthy people.

That will change for the upcoming month. Due to a combination of my own small artistic value and someone else being unavailable, I have been generously offered a grant for a month-long residency at the Gamli Skóli artists’ house in Hrísey, Iceland. I will be stepping on a plane in just under two weeks and heading to the Keflavík international airport, where I will attempt to bus my way out to Akureyri, then to Árskógssandur, where I hope I will be in time to catch a ferry to the lovely island village of Hrísey. This is intended to be equal parts a headfirst tourist jump into the country, and parts a serious artistic residency. I intend to stretch my travel to from Keflavík to Hrísey out over a day, maybe two if I find a youth hostel I like, and at the end of February I’ll try to find a different way to get back to the airport for my flight.

While in Hrísey, I hope to complete some new music work, of course. Preferably something relating to nature that can then be contributed to the locale as an installation or at least archived. I’ve been doing research on ocean organs and various naturally activated instruments, and am entertaining various woodwind-ish ideas. In any case, now is the time to obtain winter gear and figure out how to pack in the most minimal fashion possible.

The location I’ll be in has a digital piano as well as a guitar, so I’m intending to bring nothing in the way of music gear beyond my laptops, Mbox Mini, and a microphone. That with my clothing can easily fit into carry-on luggage, and can be backpacked around on long walks or hitchhikes. I’m trying to learn how to pronounce some of the towns in Iceland (though I have to learn how to read them first), and looking up various information about their laws and locales. If anyone has any recommendations for inexpensive things to do in Iceland, let me know! I will try to provide regular updates as it goes, and share whatever work I can. Well, back to the catering grindstone, you’ll hear from me again once I set foot on the island.


  • “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” by Nightwish
  • “What A Game” from Ragtime
  • “Short People” by Randy Newman

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